Teeth Whitening in San Francisco


Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Professional whitening not only provides more effective and consistent results, but also causes less sensitivity and the results can last for months longer. Our San Francisco Dentists perform in-office whitening and also provide specially individualized take home kits. This way we can keep your teeth white and bright between professional whitening treatments.

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Zoom! is great for anyone looking to brighten their smile. Before getting started with any whitening systems you want to make sure that you discuss treatment with your dentist to make sure you would be a good candidate, keep in mind that if you have any bonding material on your teeth whitening will not change the color of the bonding.  Patients worried about pain can use fluoridex for about 2 weeks prior to doing zoom to help with sensitivity. Sensitivity after Zoom! is temporary & usually last only a few days.  Our office has seen great results with Zoom! and you will too. Call Us Today to Schedule Your Appointment! 415.367.3444

If you would like some more information on soothing sensitive teeth after bleaching please see our guide HERE.